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    Find recipes for a succulent homemade corned beef or a quick corned beef hash supper. We have loads of delicious ideas for ways to use corned beef.

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    Simple corned beef hash recipe. Takes about 30 minutes to cook and my kids love it. Don't forget to have plenty of tomato ketchup on the table.

    Recipe by: M4nk0y

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    This is a family recipe for traditional Mackem panacalty . . . think Lancashire hot-pot, but from Sunderland! It's cheap, easy to make and I don't know anyone who doesn't love it. This is the basic recipe but you can tweak it, I sometimes swap the carrots for parsnips, uncooked beetroot or any root vegetable I have in the house! The only absolutely essential ingredients are corned beef and Worcestershire sauce!

    Recipe by: loulabelle2758

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    A lovely stew great with dumplings on a winter evening, I make a large pot full that lasts for 2 days, we just love it.

    Recipe by: meady

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    These corned beef pasties hit the spot, everytime! Easy to make and even easier to eat, great served alongside a salad.

    Recipe by: Molly

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    Fifty Scottish people will give 50 ways to make stovies, I think each person makes them the way they were taught as a youngster. We always had stovies made on New Year's Eve for all Hogmanay friends, neighbours and family. Still very very popular at Scottish gatherings, weddings, etc. Many families have this as a weekly meal. Nowadays, for many larger families its often made in advance, stored in the fridge in order that it can be heated in the microwave by family members as they come and go. Also great to freeze. Serve with oat cakes, heap some onto your oatcake, fantastic. I also love to have stovies on a roll, the melted butter enhances the taste enormously. Best thing is you can use mince, lamb, sausages, a mix of what you have to hand, even veg. Stovies can be made as healthy as you like, packing in veg, carrot, peas, etc., but traditionally veg is never added as you don't know who to expect at the door after midnight. A jar of beetroot was always offered though. Enjoy!

    Recipe by: debian

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    Dad has always been the master of this recipe which has been handed down from his parents. He makes it every week for a snack. It's beautiful cold and fills the house with that lovely smell of cloves. Once the meat is cold, the slices are just so tender, its brilliant. You can make it with a white mustard sauce too if you are having it for dinner.

    Recipe by: Kabee

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    Tasty, budget friendly meal for the whole family. Sliced potatoes top this savoury casserole of corned beef and baked beans.

    Recipe by: summer1775

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    A filling, budget meal for all the family. Serve with crusty bread. If there is too much liquid, add a little instant beef gravy mix to thicken it.

    Recipe by: DianeWhelan

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    A firm favourite in our family, corned beef stew is a relatively cheap dish, always guaranteed to please. Using the quantities below, this should provide 6-8 servings although as with all good stews, it can be kept in the fridge for 2-3 days and be reheated, tasting just as good as the moment you made it! Alternatively, lower or increase the amounts depending on your requirements.

    Recipe by: Darandio

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    This hearty corned beef hash is an easy winter warmer that everyone in the family is sure to enjoy.

    Recipe by: elvis-mj

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