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    This is a fantastic stuffing to use in roast chicken, duck, turkey or goose. It's made with chestnuts, wholemeal bread, celery, apple, cranberries and fresh herbs. Try it at your next Sunday lunch or Christmas dinner.

    Recipe by: Schneeball

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    Packed with flavour and texture, this stuffing is low in fat and high in fibre and carbohydrate. Stuffed into a bird, or baked alongside, it enables you to serve smaller portions of meat – with lots of vegetables – which means your meal will be in the right, healthy proportions. If you have a large bird, just increase the quantity of stuffing.

    Recipe by: Norma MacMillan

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    Moist, flavourful chestnut stuffing for turkey. This recipe is a Christmas family tradition in our house!

    Recipe by: KBROWN26

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    This stuffing has bacon, sausage, mushrooms and chestnuts. I'm hoping others enjoy it as much as we do!

    Recipe by: jean.isacke

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    This is my gran's old recipe for a delicious roast turkey flavoured with lemon, orange and tangerine juice, and stuffed with meat, roasted chestnuts and pinenuts. An excellent recipe for anyone who loves Greek cuisine.

    Recipe by: Penelope Karagouni

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    Simple but seriously yummy. A whole turkey is stuffed with a decadent mixture of chestnuts and savoury herbs and spices. It is then roasted to perfection, making for a perfect Christmas dinner centrepiece.

    Recipe by: Christine L.

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    I read up on chestnuts and made sure I picked the edible ones! These are the sweet ones which are encased in a prickly green covering. Stand on the prickly ball which is somewhere between a golf ball and tennis ball size - this sort of splits at a seam and lets you dig out the chestnuts. When split open you get up to three chestnuts but mostly two decent sized ones and a 'sliver' of a third which you probably will discard.

    Recipe by: Carillion

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    These small poussins are filled with chestnuts, pear and fresh marjoram and roasted in white wine. They are a delicacy perfect for a dinner party or special meal.

    Recipe by: Karin50

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    Farofa is a popular side dish in Brazil, and also used as a poultry stuffing. It is normally made with gluten free manioc (cassava) flour sautéed in butter. This chestnut version is very popular during Christmas. You can substitute breadcrumbs if you don't find toasted manioc flour.

    Recipe by: Nina

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    Delectable chestnut stuffing for your Christmas turkey. This is a wholesome, classic recipe that is always welcomed by guests.

    Recipe by: mrmonkmonks

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