BBQ desserts (25)

Why bake when you can BBQ? Make these unique summery desserts over the coals, with everything from brandy-marinated pineapple to BBQ banana splits.

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Pineapple is marinated in sweetened, spiced rum, and barbecued. Serve with ice cream for a gorgeous summer dessert.

Recipe by: Michael Fischer

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First, pieces of banana are sprinkled with lemon juice and rolled in brown sugar and cinnamon. Then they're cooked quickly and carefully on the barbecue. Serve with vanilla ice cream. You can also do it in a frying pan with melted butter.

Recipe by: Charlie

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This barbecued peach dessert could not be easier. To serve, drizzle some honey over each peach and garnish with chopped nuts.

Recipe by: OLIVIA17

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This is really nice summer dessert with a difference - I usually make it when fresh pineapples are on offer in the supermarkets! You simply dip the slices in coconut milk, then cinnamon sugar before cooking them under the grill or on the bbq to crisp up the edges. Serve warm with vanilla ice cream.

Recipe by: PRAISEGOD

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These are so easy to make and really remind me of summer. So often we only barbeque meats and fish, forgetting that fruit cooks on a bbq so nicely too. It works just as well with coconut if you've a nut allergy sufferer and nectarines and apricots also switch into the recipie easily. This is for those with a sweet tooth. The creme fraiche is good if you like something not quite so sweet, but the kids love it with ice cream.

Recipe by: madmonster

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BBQ pineapple
BBQ pineapple

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