Pollock belongs to the cod family and is just as versatile. We have loads of pollock recipes, from Thai pollock curry to fish and chips. Many, if not all, cod recipes can also be used with pollock.

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Alaskan pollock spiced with lemon pepper seasoning and cooked in a Parmesan cream sauce with broccoli florets. This recipe makes pollack or any other white fish taste incredible.

Recipe by: Heather E.

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These easy fish cakes are simply delicious and call for crushed crackers, lending fabulous texture and flavour. Serve these in mini portions for a starter or party nibble, or as larger cakes for a main. Seafood or tartare sauce works a treat.

Recipe by: Bobbie Kaye

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This delicious citrus sauce for fish can be made with almost any fish, but it goes really well with haddock, pollock or red snapper fillets. Choose fillets about 1.5cm thick.

Recipe by: Karen B.

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This is a recipe I borrowed from a friend whose family owned a chain of chip shops on the Northside. The chips are moist and thick, with a soft centre, while the fish is steamed inside a crispy lager-battered coating! Just add malt vinegar and sea salt, and you are sorted!

Recipe by: wsf

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A delectable, healthy and easy baked fish recipe. Fish fillets are baked with a sherry sauce and lots of aromatic herbs.


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This dish is a simple dish that is adaptable healthy and so quick to make. If you're a veggie it's good without the fish. A colourful summer meal for two, best followed by a cold crisp glass of white wine to dazzle those taste buds.

Recipe by: April_Marinelli2012

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A recipe inspired by the taste of a New Orleans Catfish Po’ Boy sandwich in the form of a fish cake. Catfish is hard to come by in the UK (although I have found it in Brick Lane London where it is sold under the name “Ayer”) but Pollock is a cheap bottom-feeding fish with a similar mild, slightly sweet flavour and works well.

Recipe by: GB

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This lovely pan fried pollock over a red onion mash is filling and full of lovely flavours. Lovely for a special meal for two.

Recipe by: AToft

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Pollock is a great and cheaper alternative to Cod. Pollock should cost no more than £4.99 per kg, whereas cod will cost in the region of £12.99 to £16.99 per kg. In terms of texture and taste there is little difference and remember to skin and bone yourself to save more money.

Recipe by: paulwarburs

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This is a low calorie, low fat fish dish with an onion and tomato sauce. Serve with cinnamon and salted boiled potatoes.

Recipe by: squidgey

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