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    From chocolate shortbread to melt-in-the-mouth florentines, we've plenty of chocolate biscuit recipes that won't last long in the biscuit tin!

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    These are squidgy chocolate brownie-like cookies, combining the best of both worlds! They also happen to be dairy free.

    Recipe by: Ingrid

    53 reviews

    It doesn't get much easier than this: only four ingredients are used to make these delicious chocolate biscuits!

    Recipe by: nisacke

    535 reviews

    These are my favorite cookies my grandma used to bake for me. They're chocolate cookies with white chocolate chips.

    Recipe by: Ruth

    30 reviews

    The best chocolate biscuits you will ever try!

    Recipe by: penny

    380 reviews

    This is a delectable treat - a peanut butter and digestive biscuit base is covered in a layer of chocolate. A nice no-bake recipe to make with the kids. The hardest part is waiting to tuck in until the squares are chilled!

    Recipe by: justine

    23 reviews

    Delicious chocolate cookies for all the family as well as the chocolate addicts.

    Recipe by: cacahuete

    19 reviews

    This is the easiest way I have ever made Nutella® cookies and they are so yummy! With very few ingredients and they are so quick to make you will love them instantly. Makes roughly 12 cookies.

    Recipe by: EllenHolmes

    13 reviews

    I really wanted to try to make my own Maryland brand cookies but I couldn't find a recipe that even looked like it would be anywhere close to a Maryland cookie. I read the ingredients listed on the back on the packet and found out that 1. they were made with vegetable oil, NOT butter and 2. they didn't have any eggs in them. They are basically chocolate chip shortbread made with vegetable oil instead of butter! You will need either a standing electric mixer or a handheld electric mixer.

    Recipe by: top_1

    11 reviews

    These flapjacks are a favourite in my household - filling, delicious and they couldn't be easier to make. Vary the recipe by adding cinnamon, ground ginger or different dried fruits.

    Recipe by: sarymary

    81 reviews

    These two-tone biscuits are as pretty as they are delicious.

    Recipe by: Susan

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