Wholemeal bread (40)

Find a variety of wholemeal loaves to please the entire family, and find a delicious way to add some fibre to your diet.

Top wholemeal bread recipes

16 reviews

This is a variation of my mother's wholemeal bread recipe. She is 75, and still makes bread by hand. I cheat and use a mixer to save time, but either way this bread is easy to make and quite foolproof.

Recipe by: J. Drury

6 reviews

This recipe happened one night when I was making white rolls and I ran out of flour. All I had left was wholemeal flour, and luckily for me, it worked out well.


5 reviews

This wholemeal bread is tender and delicious. Simply pop all of the ingredients into a bread maker and let it do its magic. It makes wonderful sandwich or dinner bread.

Recipe by: Flute

8 reviews

A delicious wholemeal loaf that my children love. It has part wholemeal, part white flour to make it light. Best in a breadmaker set on medium brown. Makes a 1 1/2 lb loaf. The seeds give it a lovely nutty texture too. My children enjoy making this bread as the ingredient quantities is easy to follow.

Recipe by: FRYETT5

3 reviews

I've been making my own wholemeal bread for some years, but in 2012 I discovered the sourdough version and am now hooked! It has such a tangy flavour and sticky moist texture with a crisp outer crust.

Recipe by: ggaylmer

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