BBQ kebabs (94)

    Looking for a crowd-pleasing BBQ recipe that's easy to serve? Get out the skewers and BBQ to your hearts content with these tasty BBQ kebab recipes. Be sure to check out our collection of Marinades for more ideas.

    Top BBQ kebab recipes

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    Barbecued chicken souvlaki is another word for seasoned Greek kebabs and they make a lovely summery starter when dipped into homemade tzatziki sauce.

    Recipe by: Tanya Petkos

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    Fire up the BBQ for this authentic Indonesian chicken satay. Skewers of perfectly cooked chicken served with a fresh and flavourful peanut sauce. So delicious that no one will be able to have just one!

    Recipe by: iain27

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    These delicious meat skewers are quick and easy to make. Minced lamb is blended with Middle-Eastern spices, shaped around a skewer and grilled on a barbecue. Enjoy with natural yoghurt, salad and flat bread.

    Recipe by: SRKELZ

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    These ginger infused beef kebabs make excellent party nibbles. Try leftovers on a sandwich!

    Recipe by: Vivian Chu

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    Marinate in a simple Asian-inspired sauce, thread onto skewers, then toss on the barbecue. Easy, healthy and delicious!

    Recipe by: dakota kelly

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      Veggie kebabs
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