Chocolate muffins (101)

    Squidgy, fudgy chocolate muffin recipes - serve with ice cream or creme fraiche for an easy, impromptu pud.

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    15 reviews

    An extra-naughty version of chocolate muffins with a subtle tang of brandy – just right when you need a treat.

    Recipe by: Maggie Pannell

    24 reviews

    The classic chocolate chip muffin! And when I say jumbo, I mean jumbo - these guys are huge! You'll need a jumbo muffin tin and jumbo paper muffin cases to go with. Read the footnotes for secrets to the perfect muffin!

    Recipe by: bethm3883

    34 reviews

    These muffins have more chocolate in them than you can shake a stick at. The dark chocolate muffin base is flavoured with milk and white chocolate chunks.

    Recipe by: C Stewart

    169 reviews

    This recipe has been created with the idea of lowering the fat content. These are so delicious - you'll never miss the fat, and chocolate still makes an appearance!

    Recipe by: ANGCHICK

    104 reviews

    These chocolate muffins are absolutely fantastic. The muffin batter is baked with a dollop of cream cheese and chocolate chips. Enjoy with a big mug of tea or coffee.


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