Apple muffins (40)

    Find easy apple muffin recipes for breakfast on the go, packed lunches or an after-school snack. Try freezing your apple muffins for a delicious home-baked treat later!

    Top apple muffin recipes

    106 reviews

    This recipe makes delicious muffins with a glorious soft, spongy centre. I add a sprinkle of icing sugar on top to add a nice finish to them. I'm having to make these every week because they just won't stay in the cupboard. They're that good!!

    Recipe by: Callum Stewart

    68 reviews

    These fruit muffins are topped with cinnamon sugar to make them extra delicious!

    Recipe by: ROBY

    111 reviews

    This is a basic fruit muffin recipe. I use chopped apples, but any type of fruit may be added to make a quick and easy batch of fruit muffins.

    Recipe by: LYNN740

    56 reviews

    I had apples and courgettes that were just begging to be turned into something yummy! Sometimes I sprinkle coloured sugar on top of the warm muffins to them a bit of texture and colour.

    Recipe by: justsmurfy

    15 reviews

    These apple muffins make a great morning or afternoon tea snack. The custard powder gives a lovely flavour and the white chocolate makes it a little bit naughty. Great warm or at room temperature.

    Recipe by: abbze4

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