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    Find delicious poussin recipes for a tasty alternative to chicken. Poussin are delicious roasted, barbecued or spatchcocked, and we've loads of different recipes to choose from. Check out our entire chicken collection for more ideas.

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    Lemon and rosemary infused poussin are basted with a wine and garlic stock. Makes any occasion special. Crusty bread and a nice white wine complement this meal.

    Recipe by: MOONANDBACK

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    In this Russian dish, poussin are roasted on top of a potato pedestal with a 'sash' of bacon. Grapes add a festive touch.

    Recipe by: Nataliya

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    This recipe is great for summer barbecues. The poussin will melt in your mouth.

    Recipe by: Suzanne

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    This stuffing can be used in quail, gineau fowl or poussins. My mother used to make this for Easter Sunday lunch.

    Recipe by: MOMMYCOFFEY

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    This is a lovely barbecued poussin recipe, with a delicious marinade that results in perfectly moist and flavourful poussin. Great alternative to Sunday lunch when the weather is co-operating!

    Recipe by: Richard

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    • Roast poussin
      Roast poussin

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