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    Find healthy and versatile recipes featuring oats, from flapjacks and crumble toppings to new ideas for porridge and granola.

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    These simple oat biscuits are perfect for tea or a morning elevenses. So easy, you'll make these biscuits all the time!

    Recipe by: Amber

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    A very healthful muffin full of wholegrain goodness. Be sure to use oat bran, not porridge oats. The apple sauce in place of some of the oil makes these muffins lighter than most. Use apple sauce, apple puree or even apple baby food.

    Recipe by: Bron

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    This is a little too sweet to have every morning, but it's a nice treat now and again!

    Recipe by: Jenn

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    One of my favourite comfort foods, these no-bake flapjacks are great to snack on at work or home. Quick and easy to make, add sultanas or chocolate chips at own preference!

    Recipe by: Rogue Hawkins

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    The apple crumble filling is cooked with sugar and cinnamon. It's then poured into a large baking dish and covered with a sweet, buttery oat topping. Twenty minutes in the oven and it's ready to serve with ice cream or custard.

    Recipe by: Andrea McKay

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      Crunchy sugar free granola
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