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    Find slow cooker pork recipes for deliciously moist pork fillet, sausage casseroles, pork roasts and more. Simply chuck it all in the slow cooker in the morning, and you'll be treated to succulent, perfectly cooked pork when you get home!

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    For a delicious, no-fuss cooked gammon that is juicy and good, try this slow cooker recipe with only two ingredients!


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    Ideal way to cook a piece of meat, large or small, any time with no preparation. If you wish to brown the meat first you can do so.

    Recipe by: middleton

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    A bacon and sausage with veg casserole that is suitable for the slow cooker or oven. You can leave it to cook all day on Low for an easy midweek supper.

    Recipe by: Tammie21

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    This is really easy to prepare in the slow cooker, just put everything in and leave it and it's gorgeous, a hit in my house!

    Recipe by: TheBettFamily

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    Everyone I've made this for loves it. Hearty winter soup made with fresh veg, lentils and ham shank (ham hock). The secret is using the water the ham was cooked in as stock for the soup. You can't go wrong with this soup but as with everything you will find you can easily adjust the ingredients to your own taste the more times you make it. If you're making this for a group of people it can easily be made the day before and tastes even better the following day.

    Recipe by: lee.theman

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    Slow cooked, American-style pulled pork that I have perfected over the years. Simply served on a buttered and toasted bap. My family's favourite.

    Recipe by: cmccreight

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    A hearty slow cooker meal that is simple to make and satisfying to eat, especially on a cold day! Add additional veggies if you like, such as peppers, peas or leeks. Top each bowl with some grated Parmesan and serve with warm, crusty bread, if desired.

    Recipe by: SORSHA24

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    A quick and easy family dish made in the slow cooker. Serve with potatoes, rice or pasta.

    Recipe by: sarah231087

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    A wonderful Italian neighbour showed me how to make this recipe after I commented on how good it made the neighbourhood smell when she had her windows open whilst she made it. Cacciatore refers to food prepared 'hunter-style,' with mushrooms, onions, tomatoes, various herbs and sometimes wine. I found adding cheese gave it something special, it also made it mine.

    Recipe by: Sneakyteaky

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    This succulent pork is sweet, savoury and totally delicious. Shoulder pork is marinated, then cooked in a slow cooker with root beer, seasonings and barbecue sauce. When served in a burger bun - it's perfection on a plate.

    Recipe by: strayredbolt

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