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    Loads of fabulous turkey pie recipes for a nice change from chicken. We have turkey pie recipes using leftover turkey for a fab use of your Christmas leftovers, as well as turkey and leek pie and more.

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    Using turkey mince means you get a satisfying pie that is lighter in fat in calories. The potato and cauliflower mash topping is delicious, and the carrots and garden peas in the mince mixture mean you get more healthy veg.

    Recipe by: mrsjarvis

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    This is a recipe I made up one CHristmas to use up leftover turkey in an original way, with lots of vegetables to give a hearty and warming feel to the meal without the heaviness of too many calories. The great thing is it can be assembled ahead and reheated when needed, these quantities serve 6 adults, but can easily be altered to accomodate more.

    Recipe by: lgillfish

    101 reviews

    Take your leftover roast turkey and turn it into this delicious warming pie. Using Christmas dinner leftovers and shop-bought pastry, this recipe could not be easier!

    Recipe by: Elizabet Childers

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    A deliciously warming leftover turkey pie, which can also be made with leftover roast chicken any time of year.

    Recipe by: NB Roy

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    This lovely turkey pie can be made with leftovers, or with turkey that you've quickly poached in water. Use your favourite pie pastry recipe, or use shop-bought shortcrust pastry for ease.

    Recipe by: Linda

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    This is a fabulous turkey pie, made from scratch with a flaky pie pastry and with leeks, carrot and potato. You can change the type of veg added - garden peas or celeriac make a nice addition - and you can also use leftover roast turkey. But if I'm making this pie without leftovers, I simply poach turkey breasts in water to cover, and then chop. You can use the cooking liquid in place of some of the stock, as well!

    Recipe by: vickie

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    Great way to use up leftover roast chicken or turkey - I haven't met anyone who doesn't enjoy this pie! It only requires pastry on top so save time by using frozen puff pastry. This pie has lots of vegetables already including leeks, peas, carrots and onions so simply serve with boiled or roast potatoes.

    Recipe by: D. Phillips

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    A hearty, savoury pie that is chock-a-block with veg. A great way to use leftover roast turkey, and it works just as well with leftover chicken, too. The best thing about this recipe is that it freezes well.

    Recipe by: arentyoucute

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    A hearty and tasty take on shepherd's pie, using all of your Christmas leftovers. You can use beef mince instead of lamb, and any other grating cheese instead of Cheddar, if desired.

    Recipe by: chrissiek

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    Leftover turkey like you have never tasted before! This pie won't last long but luckily this recipe makes enough to have an extra pie for seconds!

    Recipe by: Rob Neil

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