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Find stacks of turkey burger recipes for a healthy but tasty alternative to beef burgers. Turkey mince is extremely lean, and with the right recipe you can achieve satisfyingly juicy and delicious turkey burgers.

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This is a simple recipe. After making them the first time my husband said 'no more' to beef burgers. These are really good - any cooking method may be used, and they freeze very well.

Recipe by: Trudi Davidoff

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Minced turkey makes a tasty and healthy burger. It's even better with feta cheese and olives. Serve these delicious Greek-inspired burgers with sun-blush tomatoes and baby greens in pitta bread.

Recipe by: Lol

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These spicy burgers are full of flavour and smell amazing. They stand on their own, but onions or roasted peppers give them even more of a kick! Minced chicken also works great if you want to substitute the turkey.

Recipe by: Ash

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Minced turkey is a great alternative to beef and these burgers are easy to make mid-week. The fresh ginger adds a nice kick! Serve with lettuce in baps or rolls.

Recipe by: Michele Quigley

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mum of four who enjoys simple every day cooking

Recipe by: ChristineDuncan

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Only three ingredients, but these burgers are heavenly. A tasty and healthy alternative to beefburgers.

Recipe by: NWITOVER

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These turkey burgers are not only delicious, but they are also quick and easy to make. Turkey burgers are made with turkey mince, goats cheese and sun-dried tomatoes, pan-fried and served in a dinner roll. You can also use this recipe to make regular sized burgers.

Recipe by: sonia

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A delicious alternative to the classic beef burgers. Burger buns are filled with grilled turkey burgers, bacon and Gouda cheese. Why not try them out at your next summer barbecue?

Recipe by: Bakermom

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This recipe is very simple and easy to make. Use good quality turkey mince and crisp, fresh vegetables for best results.

Recipe by: iragnw

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Made with minced turkey, these burgers are generous in flavour and lean on fat, for a satisfying dinner that's quick to make and a great favourite with children. Serve in muffins, baps or ciabatta rolls.

Recipe by: Jan Cutler

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