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    Steamed mussels are quick and easy to make for an elegant starter or light supper. We have Thai mussels, white wine mussels and loads more. Enjoy knowing that mussels are of the most sustainable seafood around.

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    Fresh mussels steamed in butter, shallots and white wine. Use only fresh mussels, which are tightly closed when you buy them. Serve with slices of fresh crusty bread to soak up the delicious sauce.

    Recipe by: STEPHANO

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    It doesn't get any more authentic than this seafood paella from the Valencia region of Spain. Enjoy with wine and friends!

    Recipe by: Luis Luna

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    No trip to Spain would be complete without sampling their famous rice dish, paella. The ingredients vary from region to region, but we've used monkfish, squid and mussels for this version. Serve with crusty bread.

    Recipe by: Norma MacMillan

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    This is a classic recipe that's simple, too. Most of the work is preparing the mussels; cooking takes very little time. Crusty bread is essential for dipping in the buttery wine sauce.

    Recipe by: Christine

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    Paella is a Catalan word which derives from the Old French word paelle for pan which in turn comes from the Latin word patella for pan as well. Patella is also akin to the modern French poêle, the Welsh padell, the Italian padella, the Old Spanish padilla, the Polish patelnia, and the New Mexican Spanish puela.

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