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    For something a little different, use flavourful minced lamb for your next burger with delicious recipes for minted lamb burgers, Greek lamb burgers and more.

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    This recipe blends the flavours of cumin and lamb into one delicious burger. They are really tasty and super-easy to make. You can also cook these burgers on the barbecue, when the sun is finally out.

    Recipe by: Alan Hollister

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    Mint and lamb paired up yet again, this time in a juicy burger! I prefer flavourful lamb burgers over any other kind, and I love the fresh mint in these. You can use dried mint in a pinch.

    Recipe by: iluvbread

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    I made up this mixture on a whim and wow! These are definitely the best burgers I've ever had and everyone who's had them says the same. The spices are Indian in origin, but the flavour is deliciously unique!

    Recipe by: cooking4two

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    These lamb burgers will really tantalize your taste buds. The minced lamb encases a dollop of creamy goat cheese, to make one spectacular burger. Serve in a burger bun or with a side of Greek salad.

    Recipe by: LeeleeCooks

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    A wonderful recipe for lamb burgers. Minced lamb is combined with egg, oregano, sherry, vinegar, chillies, garlic, spring onions, mint, coriander and breadcrumbs, before being barbecued to perfection.

    Recipe by: Jo

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    Delicious and easy lamb burgers flavoured with rosemary, feta, garlic and onion. Mint also works well here instead of rosemary.

    Recipe by: nt-bell

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    These are tasty lamb burgers inspired by Greek flavours. The garlic mayo is optional, but really tastes great with the burgers. The fennel is the secret ingredient that adds loads of taste!

    Recipe by: Bosco

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    This fancy lamb burger takes homemade burgers to the next level. This lamb burger uses good quality British lamb and pairs it with the incredible Cornish Blue cheese, which has a gentle yet rich flavour. Cooked on the barbecue, this lamb burger will result in a succulent patty encasing a melted blue cheese centre which is sure to delight. Cornish Blue cheese is an award winning, traditionally made blue cheese from Cornwall and in 2010 won the 'World Champion Cheese' award in a competition of 26 participating countries. Serve in burger buns with favourite toppings and sauces.

    Recipe by: geneviever

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    These lamb and beef burgers are meant to taste like the gyros we've all enjoyed on our Greek holidays. Serve on warm pitta bread with tzatziki sauce, and thinly sliced onion, tomato and lettuce.

    Recipe by: Chef Kenneth

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    For a complete healthy and tasty meal, serve with Ebly wheat or rice with diced carrots and courgettes. Also makes a great sandwich filling with cheddar cheese in fresh baguette...ideal for kids and greedy adults!! Use organic products for a nicer and tastier result.

    Recipe by: PurplePoppy

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