Italian biscuits (101)

    Find loads of recipes for moreish Italian biscuits, including biscotti, red wine biscuits, pizzelles, cuccidati and more. Italian biscuits are perfect with a cup of tea, cake sales, or to make for food gifts round Christmas.

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    Cantucci are the traditional biscotti of Tuscany. Dip them in a glass of Vin Santo, close your eyes and you will find yourself among the green hills of this gorgeous region.

    Recipe by: Aldo

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    These sponge fingers are also known as lady fingers. They are sweet, crisp and light. They can be eaten as is with a cup of tea or coffee or used in other recipes, such as tiramisu.

    Recipe by: PEGW

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    These are great for Christmas gifts. For a richer almond flavour, use almond extract or almond liqueur instead of the vanilla.

    Recipe by: KATHIANNE

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    Otherwise known as Bones of the Dead - this is my nana's recipe. Serve with wine or your favourite ice cream. They are also a great accent to a good cup of coffee.

    Recipe by: Michele Flannery

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    These twice baked Italian biscuits are delicious. They are hard and crunchy, making them ideal for dipping into espresso. They are flavoured with orange zest, vanilla extract, coffee and hazelnuts.

    Recipe by: granth68

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      Lady fingers (Savoiardi)

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