Asparagus soup (27)

    Find warming and delicious soup recipes using fresh spring asparagus, white asparagus, tinned asparagus, as well as roasted or grilled asparagus.

    Top asparagus soup recipes

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    A delicious soup that's quick and easy to make. Asparagus is simmered in a creamy white soup until tender. Serve with a crusty bread roll for a snack, lunch or dinner.


    77 reviews

    Velvety asparagus soup, lovely green colour, great with crunchy rolls. My friend gave me this recipe, it originally used chicken stock. When my daughter became vegetarian, I modified it with vegetable stock instead! It also doubles easily. This soup will tempt even asparagus haters!

    Recipe by: Pyromommy

    492 reviews

    A creamy asparagus soup with yoghurt, lemon and Parmesan. Everyone who tastes this loves it! You can substitute soya products to make this recipe vegan.

    Recipe by: NANOOK

    562 reviews

    There's nothing like fresh asparagus when it's in season - take advantage!

    Recipe by: MARBALET

    10 reviews

    Delicious springtime soup. The crab is optional but I think it makes the soup so great. You can substitute prawns for the crab, if you'd like.

    Recipe by: MICHELLE0011

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