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    Pork shoulder is full of flavour, inexpensive and great for roasting. We have loads of pork shoulder recipes, including roasts, but also slow cooker pork shoulder, BBQ pork shoulder and lots more.

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    Slow cooked, American-style pulled pork that I have perfected over the years. Simply served on a buttered and toasted bap. My family's favourite.

    Recipe by: cmccreight

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    This succulent pork is sweet, savoury and totally delicious. Shoulder pork is marinated, then cooked in a slow cooker with root beer, seasonings and barbecue sauce. When served in a burger bun - it's perfection on a plate.

    Recipe by: strayredbolt

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    This slow cooker pulled pork recipe is so easy to make – it probably takes me no more than 10 minutes in total to prepare the marinade and pull the pork after it’s cooked! There is way too much for a dinner for the four of us, but it keeps well covered in the fridge for a few days.

    Recipe by: TheSkintDadBlog

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    I wanted to make pulled pork in a slow cooker with fresh ingredients and less salt so I read round and came up with this recipe based upon about 10 different recipes I found. Amazingly enough it turned out to be a big hit, delicious pulled pork that is juicy and full of flavour. I decided not to marinate the pork like many other recipes do, I figured slow cooking for 6 to 8 hours would do the same... and the result was good. My kids do not like chilli at the moment so I did not put any in and just added hot sauce to my sandwich.

    Recipe by: petebloke

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    The pork used for carnitas is so tender that it just falls apart. That's why a slow cooker is ideal! You could also use this pork filling for tamales, enchiladas, tacos and burritos. Serve with soft flour tortillas, salsa and fresh coriander.

    Recipe by: Erin Parker

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    The ethnic way of preparing Pandi pork curry, the way grandmothers used to cook, without seasoning. Nowadays the preparation has been changed slightly, but the traditional method is the best. This Coorg curry is from Coorg, in Karnataka, India.

    Recipe by: KanikeIynanda

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    Pork is marinaded in garlic, red wine and dried herbs before roasting. It's best if you can marinade the pork for 48 hours.

    Recipe by: KITKATY

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    My family often requests this for family gatherings. I originally got a recipe from the Pork Council and tweaked it to make it my own.

    Recipe by: southerncooker

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    A delicious dish to serve to company. It smells incredibly good as it cooks! Pork shoulder is marinated, then slow cooked with chorizo and haricot beans in a rich tomato and red wine sauce. Make sure you serve with the aioli and lots of crusty bread to mop up the sauce!

    Recipe by: 11Palmeira

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    This is such an easy dish to make and is delicious! But when it says slow cooker it means sssslow! It is however, a great dish to prepare the day before if like me you are doing it for a party.

    Recipe by: JanetDuff

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