Find oyster recipes for a special romantic meal or an elegant dinner party. We have oysters Rockefeller, oyster chowder, baked oysters and lots more. Oysters can be obtained throughout the year, but are best when the water is coldest - October through March.

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    The original recipe of his American shellfish classic was created in New Orleans. This is my version. Freshly cooked oysters are topped with a spinach, bacon, breadcrumbs and Pernod, then placed on a bed of coarse salt and lightly grilled before serving immediately. These are very impressive!

    Recipe by: Barrett

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    Simple but superb recipe to share that can be easily put together in minutes to add to the experience of a romantic Valentine's evening!

    Recipe by: ChefsChef

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    Fresh oysters are delicious in their most natural state, with a squeeze of lemon and a little salt, pepper and Tabasco® if desired. At their best when waters are cold, they are a great treat around Christmas, New Year and of course for Valentine's Day.

    Recipe by: LilyDg

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    This Japanese dish is a must for oyster lovers. The tomato and chilli jam adds a note of heat which goes well with the batter-coated oysters. We like to use the large size 1 oysters but size 2 works just as well.

    Recipe by: Fishy Fishy

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    Impress guests with these exotic Japanese oyster shooters. Sweet and salty flavours come together for a taste explosion!

    Recipe by: Jackie

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    Crisp slices of baguette are topped with Brie cheese, oysters and colourful strips of red pepper. You can use plain oysters or smoked oysters in this recipe, which is sure to please every guest - oyster lovers especially.

    Recipe by: A.Z.

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    In the southern US, especially in Virginia, deep-fried oysters are on the menu almost every day. These are fried in crispy cracker crumbs. They're a great starter with tartar sauce for dipping and go especially well alongside a crisp green salad.

    Recipe by: Julia

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    Did you know the habanero pepper derives its name from the city of Havana? So how about a spicy oyster shooter, the Cuban way?

    Recipe by: Cubanita

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    This is a deliciously different way to serve oysters. The spicy butter mixture is fabulous. For safety, use leather gloves when shucking hot oysters. Sounds like a lot of trouble, but well worth the work.

    Recipe by: Chief Dad

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    Fresh oysters and fennel combine for a beautiful starter.

    Recipe by: Barrett

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