Tandoori chicken recipes

    Homemade tandoori chicken is fantastically easy to do, and we've loads of authentic tandoori chicken recipes so you can make this Indian favourite at home.

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    An Indian-inspired paste made from an assortment of spices is the secret to this spicy barbecued chicken recipe. No long marinating time is required; the chicken can marinate in the time it takes to get the charcoals hot.

    Recipe by: DAKOTAGIRL

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    These chicken skewers are always the belle of the barbecue. They are well-spiced, tender and truly delicious. Serve them as a starter, main course or side dish. They're also perfect with naan bread and raita.

    Recipe by: honeyandspice

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    Tandoori chicken, a perfect dinner when served with salad and rice.....! The marinade is easy, using shop bought tandoori spice.

    Recipe by: bigp

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    This is an adaptation of tandoori chicken using store-cupboard staples. Marinate the chicken overnight for a deliciously flavourful and tender chicken dish.

    Recipe by: DIGGETYDOG

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    This is an authentic recipe for tandoori chicken. Serve with long grain basmati rice, cucumber salad, veggies, roasted sweetcorn and finish off the meal with Kulfi (Indian ice cream).

    Recipe by: Simmi Gupta

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    Authentic and delicious tandoori chicken isn't hard to master -- this tandoori chicken recipe is simple and unbelievably tasty.

    Recipe by: manju

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    The next best thing to a takeaway kebab! A quick and easy marinade for the chicken makes these a dream.

    Recipe by: Keri

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    Moist, luscious and delicious. Just the right blend of spices make this tandoori chicken one of my most requested. Great hot or cold. If using thighs with skin, you can put over direct medium heat for the last few minutes to crisp skin.

    Recipe by: Diana F

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    Succulent and subtle chicken wings marinated in homemade tandoori spice mix. Grill or BBQ depending on the weather.

    Recipe by: Samantha's Supper

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    Tandoori chicken is a lovely Indian chicken recipe which is characterised by the red colouring of the marinade and the creamy yet tangy flavouring of the yogurt. Although I got this recipe from my mum, I would like to credit Madhur Jaffrey (TV cook) with some of these tips as I watched her make this on a show once. Tandoori chicken is best prepared the night before to give the marinade the fullest chance of flavouring the meat prior to cooking.

    Recipe by: dee_gee

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