Fillet steak recipes (34)

Find recipes for tender, juicy fillet steak dinners. Fillet steaks are renowned for a reason, and as long as they're cooked well, they need little preparation to taste succulent and delicious.

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This easy peasy steak recipe is a great way to have your meat and drink at the same time. Fillet steaks are simply marinated in a mixture of dark brown sugar and bourbon, then cooked to perfection and served with the reduced marinade drizzled over top.

Recipe by: david999

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Worth the effort! Tender and flavourful, great for a dinner party. Make the sauce a day ahead to cut down on the prep time.

Recipe by: HEBEGEBE

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Be careful when making this dish. Like a magic love potion, it brings out the lover in anyone. I learned very quickly not to prepare this for a mere 'casual date' - unless you want that date to become something more!

Recipe by: ttinkerbel

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Mouthwatering rib eye fillet steak cooked to your liking in a rich red wine and mushroom sauce. Serve with fries and salad or vegetable. You can use any cut of steak you prefer, but I find rib eye works extremely well.

Recipe by: Samantha's Supper

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This is an elegant but easy recipe for fillet steak stuffed with crab, wrapped in bacon and topped with a whisky peppercorn sauce. It is a little time consuming, but actually easy to make. Impress your loved one or dinner guests with this recipe!


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Fillet steaks with red wine sauce
Fillet steaks with red wine sauce

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