Dairy free chocolate cake recipes

    Want a delicious, rich and moist chocolate cake recipe that is dairy free? We have loads! It's not at all hard to make a dairy free chocolate cake that tastes ultra-decadent, perfect for birthdays, dinner parties and more.

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    This is a delicious chocolate cake for those who can't have eggs, and even for those who can! It is also dairy free.

    Recipe by: Amy Parsons

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    The best chocolate cake you will ever eat! Egg-free, dairy-free and with a beautiful buttercream. Serve with whatever you want, it does not matter, this cake is pure awesomeness. Breakfast, lunch, tea, dinner, 3am snackā€¦go for it!

    Recipe by: BrianCaffin

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    This is my basic recipe for a simple chocolate cake. It is egg free and dairy free.

    Recipe by: Jen

    14 reviews

    Velvety moist chocolate sponge. Easy to make with the basic ingredients you always have in the store cupboard.

    Recipe by: devasrs

    8 reviews

    A mouth-watering chocolate cake which is extremely easy and quick to make and could easily be made vegan!

    Recipe by: BonnieG

    6 reviews

    This delicious chocolate courgette cake is a perfect example of how delicious vegan baking can be. Pure indulgence!

    Recipe by: TheFlexitarian

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    Serve this delicious brownie cake made with matzo meal at Passover!

    Recipe by: Sharone Rosen

    241 reviews

    No one would ever suspect that this delicious cake is vegan-friendly! It's easy to throw together and everyone will love it. Enjoy as a dessert or for afternoon tea. It also makes a great base for birthday cakes.

    Recipe by: Tina Demasi-Lemons

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    These are not too sweet, and really tasty with a moist texture. What's even better is they're gluten-free, dairy-free, nut-free, egg-free and use natural sweeteners and the darkest chocolate you can find!

    Recipe by: theblendergirl

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    The beetroot is not madness, it provides alot of moisture and tastes delicious. Leave yourself plenty of time to make this cake because it is quite a lengthy recipe. The cake is best eaten when it is still slightly warm. It is also really important to ice it at the last minute or the icing can lose its shine.

    Recipe by: aminarose

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