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    From tabbouleh to houmous, we've loads of delicious Lebanese recipes from home cooks like you. Find recipes from all over the Levant, including Syria, Jordan and Palestine. Look here for baba ghanoush, shawarma, fattoush, moutabel, kebabs, Levantine desserts and more.

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    This is a traditional arabic recipe, passed down from my Palestinian grandmother, to my mother, and then to me. I always loved this as a kid, and being a vegetarian dish, was something i was keen to do as my mother always said it was so simple and tasty. Its also very cheap to make, and really nutritious. The secret is not to skimp on the onion, and to let the onion cook slowly for a long time, till almost brown, but still soft.

    Recipe by: SimonB

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    Don't go out for a doner - try this authentic Lebanese sandwich. Just as satisfying, but bounds healthier. Usually served with tahini sauce or toum (Lebanese garlic paste).

    Recipe by: Wendy

    71 reviews

    This recipe is the real deal - delicious, healthy and easy to make.

    Recipe by: EPITOPES

    19 reviews

    A traditional Lebanese dessert. This recipe omits the traditional addition of rose water and orange blossom essense, but it doesn't take away any of the deliciousness.

    Recipe by: Lara

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    The yummiest preparation for minced beef EVER! I have made this Lebanese beef kebab for friends and family and everyone asks for the recipe!

    Recipe by: Lebanese Cuisine

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    The traditional way to cook these potatoes is to deep-fry them so they are nice and crispy but you could drizzle a little olive oil over them and roast them in the oven for 45 minutes before adding the garlic, fresh coriander and cumin.

    Recipe by: LEBANESE

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    Traditional Lebanese kibbeh recipe with beef mince (you can use lamb mince as well), fresh mint and spices.

    Recipe by: Gi_BR

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    An exotic dip consisting of walnuts and a touch of pomegranate. Originally from Syria, this is also popular in parts of Lebanon and Turkey, where it is called Cevizli Biber. Serve with pitta bread.

    Recipe by: MRSHELLOKITTY

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    Whether you call it houmous or hummus, this is a straightforward recipe for chickpea mash! Great summer food to take on a picnic with plenty of raw veg and pitta bread for dipping.

    Recipe by: nathalie

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    I always enjoy this fattoush salad and never get tired of it. It has a lot of flavour. Sumac is a ground spice made from dried berries - you should be able to find it in Middle Eastern stores. If you can't, you can add 1 tablespoon grated lemon zest instead.

    Recipe by: Gilles

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