Frozen yoghurt recipes

Want the satisfaction of ice cream, but with less fat and calories? Frozen yoghurt is your answer! We have loads of delicious frozen yoghurt recipes, all of which make for a fabulous summer treat.

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The bananas need to be very ripe for this recipe. The frozen yoghurt turned out very nice, I liked the tangy flavour of the yoghurt with the sweetness of the roasted bananas. I saved a banana and added in the last minute before turning the machine off. I did this because I like chunks of fruit in my ice cream or frozen yoghurt. You can skip this step and just add all the banana at once.

Recipe by: ritaturner

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A refreshing dessert summer or winter that's low in fat and calories. A great alternative to ice cream, try topping it with fresh berries, of use in your favourite smoothie.

Recipe by: Marianne

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Love chocolate ice cream but want to save on the calories? This is a wonderfully rich chocolate frozen yogurt, guaranteed to satisfy your chocolate cravings. A sweet treat you can feel good about!

Recipe by: BREEZYLOU

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This frozen yogurt, exotically flavoured with rosewater and crème de cassis, is much lower in sugar than bought frozen yogurt. Serve scoops on their own, or pile into sundae glasses with fresh fruit and sprigs of mint.

Recipe by: Norma MacMillan

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After experimenting with different flavours, I loved the texture and taste of this creamy coconut and banana ice pop. Taste the mixture before you freeze it and add more honey to sweeten it.

Recipe by: Syd

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If you want a creamy summertime treat without all of the fat and calories, frozen yoghurt it what you are looking for! This is a creamy and delicious frozen yoghurt recipe with a subtle hint of vanilla.

Recipe by: Paige

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This gorgeous frozen yoghurt is low in fat and a true treat. To make pumpkin puree, simply boil or steam pumpkin, then puree in a blender or food processor. Cool before using in the recipe.

Recipe by: TeenChef14

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Hi guys, I would 100% recommend this to anybody, great recipe that's simple quick and hassle free, it can appeal to all ages and is great for weight loss and a healthy and lighter alternative to ice cream.

Recipe by: 123baker

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This recipe may be made from yogurt, but it is as creamy as ice cream and requires only 4 ingredients: Greek yogurt, strawberries, sugar and a squeeze of lemon.

Recipe by: victoriayuan

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Peanut butter and Baileys® make a creamy and rich frozen yoghurt for the peanut butter lovers in your life! Plus it's easy and fast to make.

Recipe by: CRusso

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