Cheese scone recipes

After that perfect cheese scone recipe? We have loads to choose from - including classic cheese scones, ricotta scones, cheese and watercress scones, Parmesan scones and lots more.


This is a savoury scone which gets a slight flavour kick from mustard and cayenne pepper. They are delicious on their own, buttered or with leftover roasted meats and salad.

Recipe by: Beaklet


These scones have everything you want in a cheese scone. They're light, fluffy and full of cheesy goodness. The trick is not to handle the dough too much and work very quickly. If you can do that, you'll be rewarded with a fantastic scone. Serve with lashings of butter for that indulgent treat. Perfect for picnics, afternoon tea or elevenses.

Recipe by: honeyandspice


Delicious cheesy, bacony goodness served warm or cold! These are truly the most tasty savoury scones ever! Perfect for suppertime or breakfast. Irresistable!

Recipe by: jonesy


These scones are very moreish and the teaspoon of mustard gives them a little extra bite. I make these scones with Mexicana cheese sometimes as it gives a great flavour, but normal Cheddar works fine. You can make these scones any size. I either use a round biscuit cutter, or for bigger scones I use a pint glass. Lovely served warm and with butter.

Recipe by: nikki1134


This was my first savoury scone recipe and I have loved it ever since my mum taught me how to make it. I make them a wee bit smaller, but you can use a bigger pastry cutter and just adjust the baking time.

Recipe by: karla


These are a tasty tea time snack. It's a very old recipie from my Grandmothers kitchen and a staple item on her cake stand for decades. A fairly easy item to make and you can use any strength of cheese that takes your fancy but I do recommend a good strong Cheddar.

Recipe by: Robuk1981


These scones contain two types of cheese. They are a little different than your average cheese scone as you don't need to roll them out. You can just drop the mixture in dollops onto baking trays and bake them up. Yes, they'll turn out to be all different shapes and sizes but they are still wonderfully delicious - soft and light in the middle and packed full of cheesy goodness.

Recipe by: audiospirit


Peppery watercress and mature Cheddar flavour these tempting and nutritious savoury scones. Serve them warm with soup instead of bread or split and fill them with salad ingredients for a satisfying packed lunch.

Recipe by: Norma MacMillan


These scones are very tasty indeed and are a great gluten free option for a savoury scone. This recipe makes 8 scones.

Recipe by: JudithHopeMcFarlane


Revive the tradition of homemade bread in your house with these fast and easy-to-make soda bread scones. There's no rolling out or cutting required, so they go from mixing bowl to oven in just 15 minutes.

Recipe by: Norma MacMillan

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