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Chicken and rice - a classic combination in many cultures. Work your way around the world with chicken fried rice, chicken risotto, chicken and rice soups, chicken jambalaya, authentic arroz con pollo and chicken biryani... just to name a few.

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It still amazes me how creamy and filling a risotto is when it has no creamy ingredients in it whatsoever! Risottos are so much easier to make than I assumed as well; this dish will definitely impress!

Recipe by: LottieRainbow

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Chicken rice in the oven - fast and inexpensive with a great end result!

Recipe by: A. Duarte

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This fried rice recipe uses leftover brown rice. Feel free to use cooked white rice, but make sure it's cold before making this dish. With rice, chicken, peas, peppers and onions, it's a good square meal.

Recipe by: JOYCE

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Nasi Goreng is a well known Indonesian fried rice dish. It can be enjoyed on its own or as a base for a larger meal. It's very easy to make and highly satisfying.

Recipe by: frida

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A wonderfully hearty risotto that is creamier than most. Makes a warming meal. See the footnotes for variations - such as mushroom instead of asparagus. Even my unadventurous and uber-carnivorous brother thinks it's delicious!

Recipe by: chorazy

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You only need a little chicken to make this mouthwatering pilaff, so it is the perfect dish to use up leftovers from a roast.

Recipe by: Maggie Pannell

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A Mexican-inspired quick chicken dish that is great for a midweek supper. An added bonus: it's a one-pot meal, so less washing up!

Recipe by: Carol Alter

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A typical Cajun recipe, this is full of spicy, complex flavours. With lots of rice and vegetables, it is a great dish to make a small amount of meat go a long way, and offers a healthy balance of protein and carbohydrate.

Recipe by: Azmina Govindji

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This creamy risotto is easy to prepare, but makes an elegant satisfying dish for company with its colourful spinach and chunks of grilled chicken.

Recipe by: Jan Cutler

5 reviews

An Arabic recipe with spiced chicken cooked with rice allowing the rice to absorb the rich flavours. Great with Greek yoghurt! It is very popular in the Middle East, and has become a family favourite! It's really simple, though my steps may seem a little bit in depth, it gets easier once you've made it a few times!

Recipe by: tol1d7

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