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    Our courgette soup recipes are perfect for packed lunches and light suppers. Take your glut of courgettes and turn it into a healthy, tasty and filling soup.

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    A lovely, light and refreshing soup that is very easy to make and has a distinctive flavour, which I adapted from a pasta recipe. Also keeps well and is just as good reheated.

    Recipe by: mohainus

    4 reviews

    So simple, quick and healthy. This soup with courgettes and rice makes a full vegetarian meal with just a few ingredients.

    Recipe by: S. Chesterman

    6 reviews

    A favourite soup of mine that my gran used to make us. It's simplicity at its best, with little more than onion, courgette and potato. A bit of cream really enhances the flavour at the end. Add fresh or dried herbs if you would like to embellish!

    Recipe by: jazrah06

    3 reviews

    This soup always smells so great when I'm cooking it that I nearly fall into a trance. My parents have a massive garden where I can get tonnes of courgettes. I always make the soup without the milk and cream, which I add later when I defrost and reheat the soup.

    Recipe by: Nora

    2 reviews

    This spicy soup will warm the heart in winter. Courgette, sweet potato and coconut milk combine with your favourite Thai curry paste for an easy and unique soup. You can use red or green curry paste.

    Recipe by: roejen

    206 reviews

    This simple soup brings out the sweetness of courgettes, while adding a bit of spice with curry powder. Easy to make and with only a handful of ingredients, it's ready in less than an hour. Top with soured cream or Greek yoghurt for a bit of creaminess.

    Recipe by: NADO2003

    2 reviews

    A very delicious and creamy courgette soup. Courgette combines with onion, potato, garlic, white wine and vegetable stock, and is then flavoured with lovely Brie cheese and double cream.

    Recipe by: HighSpeedMum

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    During the summer months of June through October, it is quite possible that if you are an avid gardener you will have an over-abundance of courgettes. There are hundreds of ways to enjoy this light and nutritious vegetable including making it into soup! This easy to make courgette soup is fantastically tasty and freezes very well. Enjoy the taste of summer for months on end with this cheap and easy soup. Serve with some warm crusty bread.

    Recipe by: DanaT

    40 reviews

    Tomatoes were overflowing from my garden, so I came up with this soup. Serve with good crusty bread and salad. This soup tastes wonderful after simmering a long time. Sometimes I add cooked rice to give it a bit more substance.

    Recipe by: SUSANDON

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    A wonderfully satisfying and quick to prepare green summer soup which can be eaten cold on a hot summer day.

    Recipe by: zooooo

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