Olive oil cake (28)

    Try any of our olive oil cake recipes for delicious results! From rich chocolate olive oil cake to fruity lemon olive oil cake, baking with olive oil is healthy and adds richness without being overpowering.

    Top olive oil cake recipes

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    This may seem like an odd combination, but trust me - the olive oil adds a special richness to this decadent chocolate cake. This is the cake you want to make when you're looking to impress your foodie friends!! The bonus for some is that this cake is also dairy free.

    Recipe by: Diana

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    This is actually a traditional Greek cake called Revani. It's deceptively simple to make and the semolina provides a unique texture that's sure to impress guests. This cake is also dairy free.

    Recipe by: Diana

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    Give your favourite lemon cake a little Mediterranean twist! Try baking with extra virgin olive oil. Our Mediterranean cousins have been using this wonder oil in baking for centuries, to create the most delicious breads, cakes, biscuits and pastry.

    Recipe by: Oliveoil1

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    If you love olive oil and cake, this recipe is for you. This sponge cake is rich, tender, well-flavoured and delicious. Enjoy for afternoon tea or dessert.

    Recipe by: Studebaker

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    A very juicy orange cake with gorgeous citrus flavour. I especially like it ice cold, so I keep it in the refrigerator. Don't be put off by the olive oil - baking with olive oil produces fabulous results, is healthier than butter and leaves no trace of 'olive' flavour.

    Recipe by: Afiyet_olson

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