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Find lots of recipes for easy and delicious cherry cakes whether you're using fresh cherries, glace cherries or tinned cherries. Also check out our entire Cherry recipe collection, for loads more ideas.

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A unique combination of flavours - this chocolate cake is studded with cherries and made with beer for a special something that everyone will be trying to put their finger on. The type of beer you choose will affect the flavour - Guinness® or stout will produce a fuller, more distinct flavour than compared to a light lager, for instance. Enjoy!

Recipe by: Chris & Carole Koceja

14 reviews

This is a lovely white cake with glace cherries and sultanas added for those of you who don't want to go to the trouble of making fruit cakes. This freezes well.

Recipe by: Carol

4 reviews

This is a light, moist cake that's delicious with any fruit, but cherries are my dad's favourite!

Recipe by: luvpbj

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Prepare an easy cake mixture, pour it into the tin, pop the cherries on top and stick it in the oven - it couldn't be simpler! This will become your go-to recipe after you try it!

Recipe by: Schneeball

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This is a recipe I created from scratch for Christmastime. Lovely cupcakes with glace cherries and almond flavouring.

Recipe by: ClareJA2012

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