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    Great for kids parties or summertime get-togethers, ice cream cakes and pies are easy to make and irresistibly delicious. We have a variety of ice cream cakes and pies to enjoy year-round. Use good-quality shop-bought ice cream, and it's a guaranteed success!

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    Everyone will love this cool and creamy ice cream cake, which is a great alternative to regular cakes for birthdays or other special occasions. Super easy to make and no-cook.

    Recipe by: ARVILLALAR

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    Kids and adults alike will adore this irresistible ice cream cake, which is loaded with Oreo® cookie crumbs. For a nice presentation, buy a packet of mini Oreos, then arrange them over the top of the cake!

    Recipe by: dudey

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    Tiramisu translates as "pick me up" because it contains caffeine in the form of coffee and cocoa. "Semi-freddo" translates as half frozen and is an easy-to-make ice cream. Here I've borrowed tiramisu's ingredients to make a semi freddo. If you like this recipe - you can find more just like it in my new book 'One More Slice'. See footnote for more details.

    Recipe by: Leila Lindholm

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    Kids and adults will love this no bake frosty treat.

    Recipe by: Mary Ann Benzon

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    This frozen dessert is simple to make and tastes fantastic. An Oreo® cookie base is filled with toffee chunks and chocolate ice cream, then topped with toasted almonds. It's a great dish to make ahead of time.

    Recipe by: Kevin Ryan

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