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    Find recipes for egg mayo, French Nicoise salads, American cobb salads, bacon and egg salad and lots more. A simple green salad topped with a warm poached egg makes an elegant starter or brunch dish.

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    A deliciously different egg salad. This wonderful dish is made by combining chopped boiled egg, crumbled bacon, tomato and avocado. Serve as a side dish or use as a sandwich filler.

    Recipe by: eye2une2a440

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    Quick curried egg is ideal for a sandwich filler or jacket potato topper. Curry paste adds a lot of heat and flavour.

    Recipe by: Samantha's Supper

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    You could use dried dill, but use fresh if you can. Serve in sandwiches or over crisp lettuce as a salad.

    Recipe by: Margret

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    It might sound posh, but here is a super-quick, super-healthy meal, perfect for those days when time (or disposition to cook) is not really on your side. Asparagus and eggs are always a good combination.

    Recipe by: ritaturner

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    This variation on the classic egg mayonnaise uses little quail's eggs with a creamy yet light mayonnaise and yoghurt dressing. It is combined with mixed leaves, cucumber and slivers of succulent smoked salmon. All you need to accompany the dish is some brown or wholemeal bread.

    Recipe by: Maggie Pannell

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    Refreshing and simple salad of chopped boiled egg, beetroot and parsley. Perfect for the BBQ or with grilled meats.

    Recipe by: Samantha's Supper

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    Delicious textured balls, easy and cheap to make they are great for kids as a quick summer dinner served with a baked potato, crunchy fresh salad and cheese sauce.

    Recipe by: unlogiczookie

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    This is great for lunches and lunchboxes. I love ham and I love egg, so this is great! You can also add mustard to this recipe if desired.

    Recipe by: Nicolelovebaking

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    A substantial and filling summer salad packed with ripe tomatoes, beans, tuna, olives, anchovies and boiled eggs. Delicious!

    Recipe by: Bob Cody

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    A Pennsylvania Dutch recipe, which consists of pickling eggs with beetroot. Allow to sit for 48 hours or more for maximum flavour. Serve as a salad or side dish.

    Recipe by: Cindy

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