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    From beef goulash to a classic recipe for beef braised in red wine - find lots of ideas for beef that are worth the wait. We have delicious and foolproof recipes for beef Bourguignon, beef stew and loads more.

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    I love to come home to the smell of home cooked food but as I'm the only one that cooks in our house this is a rarity. That's why I love my slow cooker and this hearty winter dish is a favourite for all the family. Thick gravy and tender slow cooked beef ideally served with mashed potatoes, cabbage and some nice crusty bread to mop up. Great to prepare all the vegetables the night before especially if slow cooking.

    Recipe by: yumyummum

    45 reviews

    This pie is ABSOLUTELY the best meat pie I have ever had in my life! This recipe was found whilst I was on the train and found that somebody left it on the seat. So I took it. Then I made it. Thank you to who ever left it on the train! Sometimes, I just make the stew and serve with mashed spuds.

    Recipe by: PLACEBO

    15 reviews

    This is a recipe I shared with my girlfiends from my recipe club last year.

    Recipe by: MNIKOLAISEN

    19 reviews

    A rich and tasty dish that is good enough for a dinner party, yet easy enough for an informal supper. Can easily adapt for a slow cooker and the flavours will improve if cooked in advance.

    Recipe by: CharlieB

    13 reviews

    This dish originates from Hungary, it's a very filling dish when served with mashed/boiled potatoes and veg.

    Recipe by: Keri

    18 reviews

    My version of Liverpool's finest stew! A great stew for the autumn and winter months.

    Recipe by: JAYDA

    226 reviews

    This warming stew is delicious. Serve with mashed potatoes.

    Recipe by: want2hike

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    This scouse recipe is for beef, though I will do one for lamb shoulder too. I have served this professionally and it was always the biggest and best seller! It can actually look and of course taste quite elegant. This will not come out with the potato mashed together and the vegetables over cooked. It will taste 100 times better this way and should come out with all the veg well cooked and yummy but not over cooked if you follow the steps :)

    Recipe by: M_kirk

    52 reviews

    This recipe was given to me by my sister, who got it from a Hungarian lady in 1961.

    Recipe by: SUSANNAH

    17 reviews

    Looking for a good Swedish meatball recipe? Then you've come to the right place!

    Recipe by: Hope

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