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    We've loads of polenta recipes, whether you want a simple side dish of creamy polenta, or want to experiment with cornmeal and make polenta cakes, muffins and more. Enjoy the versatility of polenta with these fab recipes!

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    This recipe is for the polenta novice. Two ingredients - polenta and water. So if you can boil water...you can make a delicious pot of polenta every time! There are many options for polenta once it is cooked: you can mix in fresh herbs and cheeses, bake with vegetables, or fry it. Experiment and choose your favourite accompaniment!

    Recipe by: IDAJ

    3 reviews

    Moist, sweet and substantial. This delightful lemon polenta cake is a must have for afternoon tea with friends. This cake is easy to make ahead, so freeze until needed then defrost overnight.

    Recipe by: geneviever

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    Polenta is made up as normal, allowed to set until firm, then chopped into sticks, before being deep fried. These are a great alternative to potato chips. Have a portion of tomato ketchup ready for dipping.

    Recipe by: ALEC1967

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    Very fruity and delicious! These muffins will bring a smile to anyone's day! Share them with someone you love. You may substitute raspberries or blueberries for the strawberries if you wish and feel free to use either naturally flavoured strawberry, banana or vanilla yoghurt.

    Recipe by: Shelley Albeluhn

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    This herbed pizza base is dusted with polenta for a real pizzeria touch. The large quantity allows you to freeze some of the bases for the next time you want homemade pizza.

    Recipe by: Susan

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      Polenta squares with blue cheese
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      Polenta lemon drizzle cake

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