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    Find lip-smacking delicious recipes for pork belly here - from Chinese and Vietnamese flavours to twice-cooked toothsome pork belly roasts. We have loads of irresistible pork belly recipes to try.

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    The pork in this recipe is so succulent, it will make you come back for seconds. If you like a thicker sauce, simply thicken with a little cornflour mixed with water at the end.

    Recipe by: EllenT

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    All in one economical dish for two. Belly pork rashers, potato, onions, cabbage, bacon, mushrooms, white wine, garlic and stock. Cook in a low oven and serve with crusty bread.

    Recipe by: Samantha's Supper

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    This is a well-flavoured Chinese stir fry, which is quick and easy to make. Pork is stir-fried with celery, chillies, garlic and ginger. Enjoy alongside rice.

    Recipe by: cindyfj

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    This is a great way to cook a cheap piece of pork. Pork belly is cooked in a very low oven with star anise, cola and cinnamon. It is then brushed with BBQ sauce and baked for an additional 40 minutes.

    Recipe by: homedad1

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    Succulent moist tender pork with light and crispy crackling. It is served with the most delicious sauce that will impress your family or your dinner party guests! It is extremely easy with very little preparation. You can even prepare the pork belly in advance by slow-roasting it the day before and finish cooking just before serving.

    Recipe by: lisamaree

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    When you buy your belly pork ask the butcher to score it for you.

    Recipe by: joe274

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    Faggots are a traditional British dish similar to meat balls but using more offal. They are a healthy, hearty, cheap dish that was popular from the 19th century right up until the end of rationing after the Second World War. It has slowly fallen out of fashion since. Serve with good mash, peas and hot English mustard.

    Recipe by: lewisslayden

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    A dish for those looking for something different; a firm favourite with the kids and husband. Ingredients and quantities can be adapted to suit personal preference, I experimented with a few myself. It's a very simple recipe however the mixture of the sweet and savoury taste is extremely unique!

    Recipe by: urbangirl26

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    Ok, here’s the thing about belly pork: It’s like 90% fat. That’s fine, but it can be easy to cook it in such a way that when you’re done eating it you kind of wish you hadn’t. There are also ways to cook it that can almost make you kid yourself that it’s kind of healthy. This is closer to one of those. It’s inspired by a pork dish I ate in Madrid in a restaurant that had no English menus. It was snowing outside at the time (yeah, I visited Madrid in late November) and we didn’t want to move on to a different restaurant because the one we were in was warm. So we just pointed at the menu and hoped for the best. It worked out ok.

    Recipe by: Unazukin

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    This sweet and sticky hongshao rue or red braised pork belly is a delicious centrepiece to your next Chinese meal. Serve with rice or slipped inside steamed Chinese buns.

    Recipe by: MaryDavies

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