Have some fun in the kitchen with a batch of homemade bagels. Bagels are tasty and easy to make, and can be frozen to be toasted and enjoyed later. We have bread machine bagel recipes, too!

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    Once you see how easy it is so make this bread in your bread machine, you won't buy it at the store anymore!

    Recipe by: Holly

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    These little bread rings, Jewish in origin, are delicious teamed with savoury fillings such as smoked salmon and a soft cheese, or egg and salad. The double cooking method – first by briefly poaching in boiling water, then baking – gives bagels their unique soft crumb and slightly chewy crust.

    Recipe by: Norma MacMillan

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    The trick is to boil before baking! This makes an excellent batch of plain bagels that you can enhance with sesame seeds or poppy seeds.

    Recipe by: Jandl

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    Making bagels is fun, but does require a bit of effort. But in the end you'll be rewarded with delicious bagels that also freeze well!

    Recipe by: Ann

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    Chewy and delicious bagels can be made in your own kitchen with this foolproof recipe, with instructions for both bread machine and 'old fashioned' methods.

    Recipe by: Sally

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    If you love Bagels, you have to try this easy Bagel recipe, which enlists the help of your bread machine! You can use poppy seeds for the topping, or try sesame seeds. You can also leave them plain. These freeze well after they've cooled completely.

    Recipe by: Cristy Chu

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    The patties for these turkey burgers are baked in the oven, a great healthy and tasty alternative to a beef burger. The patties are placed on toasted bagels with cranberry sauce and a handful of spinach.

    Recipe by: BanginPlates

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    A ring of delicious Turkish bread, covered in sesame seeds. A great midday snack, or include as part of a packed lunch with cheese, olives and cold meats.

    Recipe by: louiseaydinli

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    A little parsley adds a hint of freshness and colour to dishes, but when used in quantity its unique flavour can really be appreciated. It also makes a healthy contribution along with the vegetables to this delicious filling for bagels, which is based on creamy reduced-fat soft cheese.

    Recipe by: Norma MacMillan

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    A truly exciting way to eat a bagel. This innovative recipe with chicken and avocado-grape salsa will leave you wanting more.

    Recipe by: Krenzlich

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