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Have leftover lamb from a Sunday roast or from Easter dinner? Find tasty and easy ideas for using up leftover lamb that the entire family will enjoy!

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Some time ago I had Shepherd's Pie that was made with shredded rather than minced lamb. It was to die for and I really wanted the recipe. I love doing a roast shoulder of lamb and I thought let's give it a go with the leftover meat. The result was stunning, so I've decided to share the recipe. This is my first recipe submission!

Recipe by: Nixi71

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This is one of my favourite meals that I remember my mother making. I loved coming home from school to it. I have never had it anywhere else. The lamb can be easily substituted with beef. A great way to use up leftovers!

Recipe by: LynnTubb

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I adore the combination of rich mutton meatiness and spicy curry in this dish. It's a proper hearty winter warmer of a dish, and pretty much a meal in itself, as it is so thick and substantial. This recipe uses leftover meat from a roast, and some good quality mutton stock, which you should make from the bones. The quality of a soup like this depends largely on the quality of the stock.

Recipe by: grubdaily

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Warm and comforting recipe from my mum. Great for those lamb or roast beef leftovers (best with lamb though). Use leftover gravy, or buy shop bought gravy.

Recipe by: AMANDA FAIR

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Lamb leftovers are transformed into an aromatic and flavourful curry in under an hour with this great recipe. Perfect for a Monday night to use up what's left of the Sunday lamb roast.

Recipe by: bethanyR1982

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This shepherds pie is my husband's favourite dinner so I made this version for him on Valentine's day!

Recipe by: mimichette

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My nan used to make this delicious meal with leftovers. It is now one of our favourites. Lamb chops can be used as an alternative to lamb shoulder.

Recipe by: zoef2006

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Whenever I have leftover lamb from a roast - I always make this shepherd's pie!

Recipe by: mimichette

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Fantastic for using up meat leftovers like lamb or beef, especially from a weekend roast. This is an easy one pot dish and perfect for midweek suppers.

Recipe by: MaryDavies

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A great way to use up leftover roast lamb. You could swap the lamb for beef to do a cottage pie (I've not tried this, but they are pretty much the same thing).

Recipe by: spacehippo

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