Tinned tuna recipes (181)

With tinned tuna stocked in your cupboard, you're minutes away from an easy, satisfying supper! We've ideas for tuna fish cakes, tuna pasta dishes and more.

Top tinned tuna recipes

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A lovely and healthy alternative to beef burgers, tuna fish burgers are lower in fat but not in flavour! Simply pan fry the piquant mixture of tuna, egg white, garlic, breadcrumbs and teriyaki and hot pepper sauces and serve on a plate with steamed rice and veg, or on wholemeal buns with fresh lettuce, tomato and condiments.

Recipe by: Chris McCoy

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Originally, the Nicoise salad was prepared in the South of France for fishermen returning from sea - both tasty and healthy, but also nourishing, cheap and quick to make.

Recipe by: chenille

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This is an Italian recipe, very nice for the summer months! It has cucumber in it, which I don't like, but my husband does, so I just add cucumber to his individual portion!

Recipe by: Keri

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Served on a bed of spinach leaves or lettuce - this refreshing salad is worth a try if you want to make something exciting out of a tin of tuna.

Recipe by: Edie Moon

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Mushrooms, onions, celery and peas all go into this comforting tuna pasta bake.


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