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    We've got Chinese starter recipes for BBQ pork buns, wontons, spring rolls, Peking duck and loads more. Why order takeaway when you can have a go at making these easy Chinese recipes from home cooks like you?

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    This is a cheats recipe of making Peking duck. It requires little effort and is exceptionally tasty. Serve with rice or shredded, with pancakes, spring onions, cucumber and plum sauce.

    Recipe by: Allison

    33 reviews

    This recipe makes enough for a party or you can freeze them in batches. Filled with pork, pak choi, water chestnuts and other wonderful ingredients, these tasty wontons are well worth making. You can buy wonton wrappers in Asian shops.

    Recipe by: Mr. Kirk

    6 reviews

    Really tasty and really easy to make. They take a bit of time but they are worth it. They don't last 5 minutes in this house.

    Recipe by: ami

    162 reviews

    Follow this recipe carefully and you will be rewarded with comforting, fluffy and tasty Chinese steamed buns. Hom Bao refers to any filled Chinese buns, but if you want to fill these with traditional barbecue pork filling before steaming, follow the recipe for Char Siu Bao, also on this site.

    Recipe by: Carol chi-wa Chung

    30 reviews

    I love dumplings and have come up with this recipe using all of my favourite ingredients. The dumplings consist of pork, prawns, watercress, water chestnuts, and are absolutely delicious! Great for a party.

    Recipe by: Vivian Lee

    131 reviews

    This is a simple soup in which beaten eggs are stirred into chicken stock flavoured with soy sauce, vinegar and chopped scallions.

    Recipe by: Brian Gillette

    4 reviews

    This recipe is similar to how the Chinese takeaways make theirs, if you have tried them then you will know what I mean. They are addictive so maybe wise to make more than what you were planning on making. Depending on how much crushed chillies you use they can have a firey kick, but not one person who has tried these said they didn't like them. Their definitely a favourite. Try and see for yourself.

    Recipe by: ros1971

    291 reviews

    An exciting blend of pork, vegetables and spices, sealed inside spring roll wrappers, then baked until crisp. Delicious and crunchy without deep frying! A great party nibble guaranteed to impress guests.

    Recipe by: Rayna

    61 reviews

    Once they have been put together you can either fry them or steam them; both ways are delicious.

    Recipe by: Donna

    2 reviews

    These popular Chinese light bites, filled with chicken and crisp vegetables, are given a new twist, wrapped with filo pastry rather than the usual wonton wrappers, then baked, not deep-fried. Enjoy with a fruity chutney and an Oriental-style salad, or serve as party nibbles.

    Recipe by: Maggie Pannell

    2 / 9

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