Low fat biscuits

Need a healthier alternative for your biscuit tin, or with your morning or afternoon tea? Browse through our collection of biscuit recipes that have less sugar and fat than most traditional biscuits and cookies.

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These are great for Christmas gifts. For a richer almond flavour, use almond extract or almond liqueur instead of the vanilla.

Recipe by: KATHIANNE

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Full of flavour, melt in the mouth and wonderfully crisp. Taste truly indulgent but are quite virtuous with less fat and sugar than most and complex carbohydrates for a lower GI score:-) I came up with this recipe to help friends with morning sickness as ginger is a great help for anyone suffering nausea.

Recipe by: Carlibeth

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Extremely low fat and tasty biscotti biscuits. Perfect for dipping in hot coffee or tea.

Recipe by: Cathy Johnson

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Otherwise known as Bones of the Dead - this is my nana's recipe. Serve with wine or your favourite ice cream. They are also a great accent to a good cup of coffee.

Recipe by: Michele Flannery

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This recipe makes 3 dozen healthy biscuits. Be sure you buy 100% gluten free oats, available from health shops. The recipe calls for tahini (sesame seed butter that you can buy in any large supermarket). Feel free to add chopped apples, dried cranberries, raisins or dates.

Recipe by: Vanessa

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This is a simple recipe for meringues with a delicate chocolate-coffee flavour.

Recipe by: Madonna

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These crunchy biscuits are perfect with tea or coffee for a low fat afternoon treat.

Recipe by: Debbi

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These delicate almond and rosewater macaroons are perfect for something sweet after a nice Indian dinner.

Recipe by: Baje

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A reduced fat, reduced calorie yummy, soft oatmeal raisin cookie that uses light margarine spread rather than butter and a calorie free sugar substitute rather than caster sugar. Also dairy free, these cookies are a yummy good idea if you have any of these dietary needs or preferences.

Recipe by: Judy Sommavilla

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Chocolate biscotti, made with your favourite chocolate bar! You can use almond instead of hazelnuts, if desired, and can use any other type of chocolate bar. Plain chocolate works well.

Recipe by: Sue Hushin

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