Low fat biscuits (36)

    Need a healthier alternative for your biscuit tin, or with your morning or afternoon tea? Browse through our collection of biscuit recipes that have less sugar and fat than most traditional biscuits and cookies.

    Top low fat biscuit recipes

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    Full of flavour, melt in the mouth and wonderfully crisp. Taste truly indulgent but are quite virtuous with less fat and sugar than most and complex carbohydrates for a lower GI score:-) I came up with this recipe to help friends with morning sickness as ginger is a great help for anyone suffering nausea.

    Recipe by: Carlibeth

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    These are squidgy chocolate brownie-like cookies, combining the best of both worlds! They also happen to be dairy free.

    Recipe by: Ingrid

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    These flapjacks are lower in fat than most.

    Recipe by: Arlene

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    This incredibly easy and quick to prepare traybake tastes like heaven on a plate with its marshmallow, coconutty goodness! I like to use a combination of white and pink marshmallows.

    Recipe by: EBONYDARLING

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    These flapjacks have fibre from the oats and protein from the peanut butter - but your kids will just call them delicious! A great snack for kids when you want to give them something sweet that's still nutritious.

    Recipe by: TINAMARIES

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      Chocolate brownie cookies
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      Lady fingers (Savoiardi)

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