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Find loads of Brazilian recipes from home cooks that are easy to make and sensationally delicious. We have Brazilian cakes, Brazilian coconut chicken, canja chicken soup and lots more.

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You can make this sweet using salted peanuts too, it will lend a slightly salty bite to it, which is also common in Brazil.

Recipe by: ritaturner


How easy is this carrot cake? No grating - everything's mixed in a blender or food processor till smooth. You don't have to use the icing, but try it - it's gorgeous!

Recipe by: Nina


Spicy chicken with an enticing aroma. Think of this dish as a Latin American curry - an exciting alternative to the usual!

Recipe by: MLYIN


My favourite aunt introduced me to this deliciously rich and fragrant dish. In the past few years I've made some changes and this is the recipe my family likes best. It's a great chilli con carne alternative and it freezes well. Try it on a jacket potato!

Recipe by: JRICE


The meat can be omitted without compromising the dish. Serve hot with crusty bread and a nice spinach salad.

Recipe by: CRVGRL

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Brazilian carrot cake

Brazilian carrot cake

Brazilian fish stew

Brazilian fish stew



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