Dairy free biscuits (69)

Loads of delicious dairy free biscuit recipes can be found here - from chocolate chip cookies to shortbread. We have dozens of dairy free biscuits to fill the biscuit tin, which everyone is sure to enjoy.

Top dairy free biscuit recipes

73 reviews

These are squidgy chocolate brownie-like cookies, combining the best of both worlds! They also happen to be dairy free.

Recipe by: Ingrid

42 reviews

These soft cookies are easy to make and incredibly moreish. They are flavoured with banana, peanut butter and chocolate chips. For the best flavour, use the ripest bananas you have lying around.

Recipe by: GODGIFU

13 reviews

Extremely low fat and tasty biscotti biscuits. Perfect for dipping in hot coffee or tea.

Recipe by: Cathy Johnson

17 reviews

Easy peasy peanut butter cookies! Great to make with the kids or for a little treat. These really are just three ingredients, and they are gluten free!

Recipe by: jazxo

4 reviews

These delicious cookies are quick and easy to make. Not only are they gluten and dairy-free, they are also chocolately, oaty and oh-so-moreish. Enjoy on their own or with a big mug of tea.

Recipe by: backfee

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