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Find delicious turkey recipes for your slow cooker. We have turkey chilli con carne using turkey mince, or warming turkey stews. Through all of your ingredients in the slow cooker, and then forget about it!

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Amazingly moist! A turkey crown is slow cooked in white wine and fresh herbs until the meat is juicy and tender. Makes Christmas dinner very easy!

Recipe by: Andersonfam09

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Turkey drumsticks are fantastically economical, as well as tasty. Slow cooking ensures the turkey leg is tender and moist. This recipe is so easy - you'll be making it all the time!

Recipe by: Sunflower1

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I use the green chilli peppers that are in jars but you could use a fresh green chilli. The second part of the directions are for a slow cooker but you could easily continue cooking it on the hob.

Recipe by: Sarah

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Make this delicious casserole using Christmas leftovers - turkey, red wine, whatever veg remain - SPROUTS OPTIONAL! I find the red wine gives the turkey a gorgeous, gamey colour. Just follow the basic recipe and method using whatever you have to hand - and want to see the back of! I use my slow cooker so it is ready when needed/wanted. Delicious with baked or mashed potato.

Recipe by: robinsong

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My mum always cooks this yummy turkey dish for birthdays, Easter or Christmas. Very easy to make and its an absolute winner!! Chicken can also be use in instead of turkey.

Recipe by: frida

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An easy recipe for your slow cooker. Turkey mince is spiced up with jalapeno chilli peppers. Serve with rice or in a jacket potato.


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A warming and hearty stew for cold winter nights, turkey breast and vegetables are simmered in a slow cooker for several hours. Serve over rice or with crusty bread.

Recipe by: jennyp

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Tagines are actually a large earthenware pot made in Morocco used to slow cook a sweet and spiced stew made of meat or fish, vegetables and fruit. The recipe name has derived from the pot to describe the stew.

Recipe by: geekgirl101

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Cooking a turkey breast in the slow cooker keeps it very moist and is much easier than roasting. A few tablespoons of dry soup mix seasons the turkey and creates a nice onion-flavoured gravy.

Recipe by: ms_sally

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Easy to make, flavourful and creates a wonderful aroma to come home to. You can use chicken thighs instead of turkey breast if you prefer. Add more chicken stock if necessary during cooking. Serve with rice.

Recipe by: Chris

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