Low carb vegetarian recipes (138)

    From asparagus frittata to baba ghanoush - find loads of recipe ideas for low carb vegetarian dishes and meals. We have stacks of easy ideas that are both low carb and absolutely delicious.

    Top low carb vegetarian recipes

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    Here is a very simple way of enjoying avocados as a starter.

    Recipe by: JOSIE

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    A quick, easy, low carb healthy meal for lunch or dinner! Vegetables are oven-roasted with rosemary, then eggs are cracked in and roasted as the vegetables finish cooking.

    Recipe by: PlimRed

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    Looking for a new way to prepare your garden's courgette harvest? Make low carb courgette "spaghetti", aka courgetti! With a spiraliser you can make this dish in 20 minutes. No waiting for the water to boil. The uncooked courgette is tossed with hot olive oil and a blend of parsley, ground walnuts, and Parmesan cheese, and then topped with fresh tomatoes and olives. The hot olive oil makes it a warm, but this is not a hot dish.

    Recipe by: Syd

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    Easy to prepare, low carb, vegetarian and so tasty! Halloumi, mushrooms and tomatoes are threaded on skewers, grilled and served on a bed of quinoa with a pesto and olive oil.

    Recipe by: PlimRed

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    This is a vegetarian, low carb Greek-style recipe for rolled aubergines filled with the fresh flavour of mozzarella cheese and served with a fun, vibrant pepper sauce. Ideal as a starter for a vegetarian dinner party.

    Recipe by: nt_bella

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