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    From stuffed courgettes and courgette gratin to a light courgette saute, we've plenty of side dish recipes to make delicious use out of your glut of courgettes. Check out our entire Courgette recipe collection for more ideas.

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    An easy courgette recipe with the added flavour of cheese.

    Recipe by: kenbac

    144 reviews

    Fresh herbs are sautéed with garlic in olive oil, then cooked with chickpeas, courgette, mushrooms and tomatoes. This can be served either as a main or a side. Add as many or as few ingredients as you like.

    Recipe by: JDS

    78 reviews

    Large courgette rounds topped with pizza sauce and cheese, then cooked on the barbecue.

    Recipe by: Kit

    4 reviews

    A very hearty but yet healthy vegetable dish. Bulgar balls soak up the sauce and give this dish a lovely bite. Even the carnivores in my family love this dish :) The bulgar has to be fine for this recipe.

    Recipe by: ladymidnight

    80 reviews

    This is an extremely popular Mexican side dish. So good, in fact, that Mexicans often double the recipe and eat this as a main with warm tortillas.

    Recipe by: gema

    2 reviews

    Salty feta and fresh mint combine as a refreshing spread on barbecued courgette slices. Perfect for a summer barbecue.

    Recipe by: Jagodzianka

    2 reviews

    This lovely lemon rice side dish is a flavourful accompaniment to chicken or as part of a larger Asian style meal.

    Recipe by: CaryC

    105 reviews

    A tasty and healthy side dish ready in a flash.

    Recipe by: JACKSONCJK

    264 reviews

    A beautiful ratatouille dish composed of sliced colourful vegetables arranged over a garlic-infused tomato sauce and baked. It's my version of the one in the animated movie with the same name!

    Recipe by: Juli Warfel

    125 reviews

    This is a fantastic dish to make during the summer. Roasted courgette, asparagus, onion and portabello mushrooms are tossed with orzo pasta and Parmesan. Serve as a starter or a main course.

    Recipe by: Michelle

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