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Christmas snacks

From easy sausage roll recipes to Stilton rarebit - we've plenty of snack recipes to keep you going over the Christmas holidays. Be sure to check out our entire Christmas collection for more ideas.

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Use any nut for this recipe, or indeed a mixture! Makes a fantastic food gift or party nibble at Christmas.

Recipe by: Rosemary

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Gravlax is salt-cured salmon popular in Scandinavian cuisine. Some, like this one, are made with vodka.

Recipe by: Suzanne

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This recipe makes plenty of addictive buttery pecans to snack on. Good for nibbles at parties. You need to use good quality salted butter.

Recipe by: Joyce Hickman

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Here are two quick and easy party nibbles I make at Christmas time.

Recipe by: maminy

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Sophisticated yet simple mini gammon and egg filo baskets make a lovely Christmas canape, quickly prepared.

Recipe by: sharan_sunner

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A very tasty cheese straw recipe made with wholemeal and buckwheat flour for a rustic taste and texture. The chopped fresh rosemary makes a lovely addition to this king of canapes. You can use one cheese or a mixture of both.

Recipe by: anton

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Some tasty, chewy cookies that encapsulate the flavours of Christmas in one easy to bake, tasty treat.

Recipe by: StaceyG

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Simple yet sophisticated, perfect for Christmas canapés, mini asparagus and chilli beef puff pastry tartlets are made with shop bought puff pastry.

Recipe by: sharan_sunner

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These can be served as a dessert with vanilla ice cream or just served salted as a snack.

Recipe by: Barrett

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Dried cranberries add colour and a burst of flavour to mixed nuts. It's great to have a few bowls of these around at your Christmas drinks party.

Recipe by: Diane K

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