Egg free muffins

    Whether you're out of eggs or accommodating an egg allergy, we have loads of tasty egg free muffin recipes that will never taste like they're missing egg. Egg free muffins are also typically vegan friendly, as long as you use oil instead of butter and soya milk instead of regular milk.

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    This is a basic fruit muffin recipe. I use chopped apples, but any type of fruit may be added to make a quick and easy batch of fruit muffins.

    Recipe by: LYNN740

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    This is an excellent recipe where no butter, oil or any type of fat is added - it's virtually fat free. It is not to dry and not too moist. They also taste excellent! The icing is optional but if you want them to be a little sweet - spread icing on top!!

    Recipe by: Hypnotic

    51 reviews

    Quick and easy breakfast muffins made with bran flakes and chopped apples, flavoured with cinnamon and vanilla.

    Recipe by: ryan

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    These vegan muffins are great for lunchboxes or a tea-time treat, are egg and dairy free and delicious! Quick and easy to make.

    Recipe by: sixtiesspirit

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    People think that good muffins take time and fuss, but these are super quick, super easy and don't even use any eggs! We came up with them when we had a major chocolate cake craving but had forgotten to pick up some eggs. They are a real crowd pleaser - very moist and really chocolatey - and are great to knock up for a party at the last minute. Serve with vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce for a gorgeous brownie-like dessert.

    Recipe by: ThingsAtHome

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    These delicious treats are not only vegan-friendly, but they are also quick and easy to make. They are flavoured with coconut, almonds and orange zest.

    Recipe by: WhirledPeas

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    These egg-free muffins are moist, fruity and packed full of chocolately goodness. A strawberry flavoured muffin is dotted with dark chocolate chips. To make these muffins vegan-friendly and dairy-free, make sure you use vegan chocolate chips.

    Recipe by: France

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    Vegan breakfast muffins chock-a-block with blueberries and banana, making them extra moist and juicy!

    Recipe by: ASTROPHE

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    Giant muffins that are so delicious and soft and chocolatey, you will never believe they are actually egg-free! enjoy with tea in front of Eastenders.

    Recipe by: BrianCaffin

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    A easy recipe and a family favourite. Even though I'm the only vegan in the family, my brothers just discovered they were vegan (LOL), so they also appeal to non-vegans as well.

    Recipe by: Vixie-VeganPixie

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