Low fat fish recipes (67)

    Want heart-healthy but delicious dinners? Try our easy low fat fish recipes, which taste anything but. We have low fat fish stews, barbecued fish, fish baked in foil parcels and loads more.

    Top low fat fish recipes

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    A variety of vegetables ensures that this wonderful soup is as healthy as it is delicious. The broth can be prepared a day in advance, ready for adding the fish at the last minute, which is useful when cooking mid-week meals. Planning ahead like this means a healthy dinner can be on the table in minutes.

    Recipe by: Azmina Govindji

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    This light, creamy curry makes a luxurious meal served with a basmati rice. Make it as mild or spicy as you like.

    Recipe by: Maggie Pannell

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    Fish pie is usually popular with children, who may not otherwise be keen on fish. In this version, leek and watercress are added to boost the vitamin value, and sliced potato and cheese make an appealing topping. Try it with roasted tomatoes on the vine, cooked for about 15 minutes alongside the pie, or steamed broccoli.

    Recipe by: Azmina Govindji

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    This is a lighter version of pasta carbonara. For people who want the flavour but not the bacon, smoked salmon is the perfect substitute!

    Recipe by: DEBNJAMES

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    A French recipe with a few simple ingredients and a sophisticated flavour. Lots of fresh parsley gives this soup a fresh taste. Extremely low in fat!

    Recipe by: AMANDA1432

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