Budget dinner party recipes (98)

    Entertaining on a budget? We have loads of recipes that are cheap to make but will surely impress guests. A lovely creme caramel is stunning, but only uses a handful of cheap ingredients, for example.

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    A delicious simple soup without too much heat, excellent as a wintery starter to a dinner party. The spice works wonderfully with the sweetness of the parsnips. Serve with crusty white bread.

    Recipe by: BUTTERCUP8

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    The classic spaghetti carbonara - without cream, just plenty of egg and Parmesan cheese. Rich and delicious.

    Recipe by: Sandy T.

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    These warm, soft and gooey mini chocolate cakes are perfect for that ubiquitous chocolate fix. A good-quality plain chocolate is necessary for the success of these cakes.

    Recipe by: Russ Smith

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    Fudgy, sweet and chocolate-y all over, and made in a snap! Almost no cleaning required afterwards! What else can we ask of a recipe? Look at the tips for changing the amounts of the ingredients!

    Recipe by: kcm

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    I make this houmous all the time. It only takes a few minutes to prepare, and it's healthier than shop-bought without the oil. Increase or decrease the ingredients as desired, especially the chillies! Serve with tortilla crisps, pitta triangles or fresh vegetables. Add more of the reserved chickpea liquid for a smoother dip.

    Recipe by: ELOVINGS

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